Rehabilitation Through Speech Therapy For Stroke Victims: Enhancing Communication And Swallowing Skills

Have you or someone you know lately experienced a stroke? Do you find it hard to express yourself to those closest to you?

It’s difficult when everyone is having trouble communicating, but it’s especially frustrating when you’re the one having trouble.

In this scenario, the ideal tools would be speech therapy exercises.

This article will provide an overview of speech therapy for stroke patients and will discuss 5 of the most effective speech exercises for regaining speech function after a stroke.

Okay, how about we just dive in?

1: Protruding Your Tongue

Simply sticking your tongue out for as little as two seconds, letting it hang there, and then retracting it is all that’s required for this workout.

It can seem like you’ll never be able to perform something as simple as sticking your tongue out again when you’re trying to get over a disease like aphasia that develops after a stroke. You just need to put in some time practising.

2. Using the Side to Side Movement of Your Tongue

Make sure you have mastered the fundamentals of tongue movement before progressing to more complex exercises.

Here, you’ll want to open your mouth and move your tongue to the right side of your mouth. For a few seconds, maintain this position, then switch to the left side of your mouth.

3. Using an Up-and-Down Tongue Movement

Similar to the in and out tongue exercise, this one is a continuation.

After getting the hang of breathing in and out, the next step is to touch your tongue to your nose and hold it there before bringing it down to your chin.

4.Laugh and smile more often

We’ve discussed several tongue exercises, but what if you also want to train your lips to be more under your control?

Smiling is a simple technique that can help you achieve this goal. This is how it works:

Smile. Relax. Smile. Relax. To the point where it hurts your cheeks, keep going.

When you practise in front of a mirror, you can see exactly how you’re doing, which might serve as additional motivation.

5. Kissy-Face It

Making a kissy face is one of the most effective exercises for speech therapy, though you might not expect it.

Make kissy faces till your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

You should briefly purs your lips and then unfurl them. It really is that easy. You should do ten repetitions in total.

Try Out These Voice Exercises Right Away

Start your road to recovery off on the right foot with these five speech therapy exercises.

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